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Acknowledge the strength of your soul

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Idea | Invictus Poem

The inspiration for British poet William Ernest Henley’s 1875 poem, Invictus, came from the Latin for “unconquered.

Nelson Mandela described this poem as an inspiration during his 27-year imprisonment under apartheid. And Mandela’s struggle and triumph inspired the 2009 book by John Carlin and film by director Clint Eastwood that share the title of Henley’s poem.

From the word to the poem to the book and movie, invictus urges us to acknowledge the strength of our souls and our ability to be “bloody, but unbowed.”
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Shari Cohen

Shari Cohen | Next Step Partners
As one of the Next Step Partners, Shari believes that achieving ever greater business results amidst uncertainty and turbulence requires challenging preconceptions, cutting through convention, and maximizing individual and team creativity. Shari has collaborated with senior leaders and teams at major global companies and organizations to break through to their full potential for over ten years. She is the author of a book on leadership and change published by Duke University Press. Learn more about Shari, connect with her on LinkedIn, send her an Email or just call 646.405.4800.