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When a client of ours in the Healthcare industry went through a period of significant growth and a merger, their senior leaders struggled to metabolize all the changes, understand their new roles and work effectively in a much larger enterprise. We were tapped to help create a Leadership Development program that would build a cross-functional, collaborative leadership community and strengthen the global management skills of its senior leaders.

Strategy & Solution:

Together with our client, we developed a program which offered a sustained learning process that combines group sessions with individual coaching and off-site visits to other leading companies. The pilot was held with approximately 20 participants in 2010. Since then, more than 100 leaders have been through program.


The program includes three multi-day segments held over a six month period:

Global Business Acumen: participants learn from leading experts about the global business landscape and best practices, meet with leaders of other global companies and explore the future of work as it relates to their own organization.
Innovation and Influence: participants learn from leading experts about design processes and tools that support innovation, meet with leaders of other innovative companies and explore new approaches that they can apply to their own organization.


Culture, Community and Engagement: participants learn from leading experts about building culture and communication skills. They develop their own concepts related to their organization’s culture and present them to top level executives.


At the start of the program, participants form small groups and are asked to identify an “epic opportunity” (an application of the program content that could have significance across the enterprise). Throughout the program, each group works collaboratively to apply the global strategic and systemic thinking they are learning to their epic opportunity.


Each participant also receives an individual leadership assessment and creates a personalized vision plan with the help of a coach. This ensures that the learning is integrated and sustained.

The program includes:

  • Group learning via a series of workshops that includes lectures, panels, and discussions
  • Assessments, personalized development plans, and 1:1 coaching sessions for each individual leader
  • Visits and exchanges with leaders at other companies

Results Delivered:

For the organization:


  • Heightened levels of engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased collaboration across functions, teams and geography
  • Stronger expression of and alignment to the organization’s vision and culture


For the participants:


  • Enhanced ability to communicate, motivate and influence
  • Lift in spirit, enthusiasm and commitment
  • Greater clarity about how to globalize business in response to emerging challenges
  • Strengthened ability to shape culture and lead for innovation in the midst of uncertainty and change
  • Broader network of peers with whom to consult and collaborate
  • Expanded mindsets and approaches

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