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Leadership Exchange: Peer-to-Peer Insights.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders face enormous pressure and need to look outside their organizations for new approaches and solutions to their business challenges. They want to know what’s working in the real world for organizations like their own, right now.

Yet, executives have limited time and energy to sift through books and other media, network outside their industry or attend multi-day conferences. More than ever, they need better avenues to exchange ideas, share approaches and gain perspectives with peers at other organizations and in other industries so that they can both learn and lead more effectively.

Introducing Leadership Exchange

Next Step Partners is honored to work with executives at leading Bay Area organizations such as Genentech, Google and the David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

Leadership Exchange connects an elite group of Bay Area leaders with their peers to share perspectives and strategies on current and emerging business challenges in an intimate, confidential, non-competitive environment.

Future Leadership Exchange events will be hosted by member organizations and facilitated by Next Step Partners. In keeping with executive schedules, most events are local and no more than a half day. Attendance is by invitation only and limited to ensure the quality of interactions.

Next Step Partners | Leadership Exchange

Experience Leadership Exchange first hand.

Leaders who are interested in attending Leadership Exchange are invited to contact us to attend this forum on Innovation at Scale.

The half day event will be held at the VISA office in San Mateo, CA. It provides an opportunity for executives to meet and share approaches to the challenges of fostering innovation at large scale organizations.

All the details.

Date | Time
November 5, 2014
900 Metro Center Bl
Foster City, CA 94404

The program will feature a presentation by business veteran and venture investor, Gilman Louie, on how organizations can innovate at scale.

Gilman Louie is a Partner at Alsop Louie Partners. He is also the founder and former CEO of In-Q-Tel, a strategic venture fund created to help enhance national security by connecting the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. intelligence community with venture-backed entrepreneurial companies.

An inclusive, interactive forum.

The program will give participants an opportunity to engage in substantive dialogue while fostering peer relationships for ongoing consultation and support.


  • Host Introduction
  • Featured Presentation—Gilman Louie
  • Break
  • Table Discussion
  • Group Discussion & Review with Speaker
  • Closing
  • Lunch

Participants can expect to bring back new concepts, perspectives, and leadership tools to their own organizations.