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Obi James




University College London

Coaches Training Institute, International Coaching Federation

Selected Clients
Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, TSB, Deloitte, Northern Trust, NHS, IPCortex

The diversity and richness that people from various cultures bring. Traveling to far off places and mingling with the natives to learn about their ways of life – a great way to shift perspective!

Obi James specializes in coaching workplace relationships and leadership teams, and has a track record of successfully helping her clients navigate systemic and cultural issues that emerge in relationships, mergers, acquisitions and organizational change initiatives. She is particularly skilled at creating environments that allow individuals and teams to expand their views on complex issues, explore other perspectives and understand others’ views so they can build better collaboration and achieve greater results.

Obi has held a variety of senior leadership and organizational development roles within large global Financial Services organizations, and spent over 10 years focusing on executive coaching, talent management, succession planning, career management and leadership development. Over the years, Obi has successfully consulted and coached executives and teams across a wide range of public and private industries.

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