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Lisa’s strategy for working with organizations is informed by two decades of traveling the globe and carefully observing what produces high performance thriving.

No matter the context, one thing was always true: How the Executive Team functioned shaped everything. Teaming habits flow from the top and shape the entire system.

She took that insight and combined it with cutting-edge organizational psychology, adaptive leadership, and adult stages of development, and turned it into Organizational Transformation rocket fuel.

Her specialty is aligning leadership teams for next-level growth, designing executive development experiences that have a ripple effect on the whole organization, and working with first-time CEOs who are scaling themselves and their companies.

Her work often begins with surfacing the misalignments that are limiting an organization’s full potential…the unspoken commitments that bind people together…the things they silently reward…the interactions that hold up or break down their culture. Making the unconscious, conscious, …at scale.

Pulling from new era understandings of how change actually occurs, she uses the latest adaptive leadership facilitation tools to teach the organization how to gene-switch its own DNA. That way they know how to do it themselves, at the next pivot. They develop faster.

It’s a philosophical departure from the traditional change model. Less linear, More effective. Less dependence, More ownership.

The process itself transforms everyone in the system.

In the end, Executives create conditions for success, Teams master collective performance, and leaders scale themselves and the organization.

And that’s what Lisa lives for.

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BS | James Madison University
MPH | University of South Carolina

Leadership Coaching | Georgetown University
Leadership Circle Profile 360, Teams and Collective Leadership Assessment
Minds at Work Immunity to Change
Enneagram – Individual and Teams
Psychological Safety Index
Conversational Intelligence
6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness
EQ 2.0
EQ 360

Selected Clients
LinkedIn, Hello Sunshine,Graphiant, Embroker, DocuSign, Anonymous Content, Q&A Media LA, PCCP, ThredUp, Exploratorium, Skoll, Credit Sesame, First Republic, Lighthouse for the Blind, David and Lucille Packard Foundation, YPO, SpaceIQ, Sequoia, Work360, Securities and Exchange Commission

Innovators creating “the impossible,” experts learning to be beginners, and that feeling when you walk off the plane in a country you’ve never set foot in.



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