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Take growth personally

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Article | Take growth personally

Fresh off the press, this article takes acclaimed authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey's extensive work on sustainable change a step further to a fresh, grounded take on the learning organization.

It’s a combination of innovated thinking and deep humanity backed by solid research and years of experience. The authors expand on the foundational assumption that not only is attention to the bottom line and the personal growth of all employees desirable, but the two are interdependent.

For this approach to succeed, employees must be willing to reveal their inadequacies at work and the organization must create a trustworthy and reliable community to make such exposure safe.
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Shari Cohen
Shari Cohen | Next Step Partners

As a partner of Next Step Partners, Shari is a seasoned Executive Coach that helps leaders understand their strengths and the barriers that hold them back from achieving their goals. Learn more about Shari, connect with her on LinkedIn, send her an Email, or just call 415.762.0148.