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Team Development Services

Programs that transform teams and organizations.

High-functioning teams operate differently, and you can see it when you observe one.  

You’ll notice team members are able to step back when the heat is on, recognize counterproductive dynamics, draw out unspoken concerns and ideas, regulate the emotions in the room and make repairs. They don’t wait on the leader. They take ownership for their team’s functioning. 

We can help teams get to this level of health from any starting point. And we don’t do it in a vacuum. We do it while you work on real-life pressing business challenges. You meet your goals, and you strengthen your ability to work together effectively into the future. 

Developing new patterns of engagement can transform team culture, change an employee’s experience at work, and amplify organizational collaboration. 

Here are some examples of the kinds of programs we’ve facilitated:

  • A two-day tune-up for a new CEO’s leadership team that was factionalized and moving in opposing directions.
  • A four-day deep-dive offsite for engineers who were shifting from individual contributors to cross-functional team players. 
  • A week-long strategy retreat for a growing executive team that needed to scale prior to raising Series C funding, and coalesce around an aligned vision for the future.
  • A five-part team development series moving a diverse and geographically-dispersed team from good to great.
  • A year-long team coaching program for a leadership team composed of many first-time executives who needed to move from individual excellence to executing together on a shared vision.

How We Work

Every team has its own dynamics and we want to understand yours. You’ve got unspoken agreements and unconscious patterns at play. We begin by bringing these to the surface and calling attention to them. We use a variety of assessment methodologies, including our favorite — observing the team in action.

Once we know what implicit norms are at play, we can craft just the right approach to fit your team and its goals.

Sometimes we start coaching the CEO before working with the team. Sometimes we design an intensive session with the entire team, where the bulk of the learning happens. In other engagements, we meet with the team weekly to work on creating more effective patterns.

We’ll draw on multiple models of performance to deliver the right combination of strategic facilitation, team coaching and custom topic-specific content. 

Then we help the team develop the two most important skill sets for staying high-functioning: awareness and regulation. We do this by getting the team to “see itself” and make the necessary corrective moves. 

This isn’t a workshop on teaming. We get in there with you and guide you through practice, repeatedly. Creating a new operating pattern in any team is an iterative, intentional process that requires consistent reinforcement. 

We take the team through this process while teaching the team to coach itself. It’s a game changer. 

During our work we often hear, “Wow, that felt so different. How do we keep this going?”

We’ll help you with that. But not to worry, we don’t create facilitator dependencies. Our ultimate objective is to transfer ownership of the healthy dynamic to the team members themselves, modeling a team technique we teach to leaders.

A Flexible Curriculum

Our Team Development programs take many shapes. Here are a few:

  • Executive retreats and off-sites designed to help a team achieve specific breakthroughs or answer important but difficult strategy or execution questions.
  • Team coaching programs to create a better experience of working together, characterized by greater trust, clear agreements, effective decision making, and productive conflict. 
  • Team tune-ups to help members step back and reinforce newly learned behaviors.
  • Team learning engagements in which members practice new ways of working together (e.g. conflict management, design thinking, providing helpful feedback). 

Common topics we address include:

  • Communication patterns (conversation creep, jumping to a solution)
  • Decision-making processes
  • Team roles and accountability
  • Reward systems
  • Power dynamics 

When to Call Us

Interdependent teams are the future of work and the lifeblood of any organization thriving in a complex environment. Whether it’s a period of deep disruption or you’re just trying to create the most powerful high-functioning organization of the future, we can help you architect it. 

Sometimes we’re called in when new people have joined the team or the team is newly forming. Sometimes an established team needs help figuring out how to work together to achieve a new set of objectives. Sometimes the organization is embarking upon a major pivot or culture shift that demands that the team adapt and learn new ways of working.

Whatever is going on for you and your organization, we’re here to help your teams work better.

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