Team Development


Elevating the lynchpin of organizational success

Most work that gets done in an organization – in and across – happens through teaming. 

Not through intact, stable teams of the past, but through today’s fluid, dynamic, ever-evolving teams. 

That ability to team quickly and effectively is the differentiator of the future. 

New patterns of engagement can transform team culture, change individual employee’s experience at work and amplify organizational collaboration. 

High-functioning, dynamic teams have their own rhythm, and own their own progress. 

They make room for conflict and quickly eliminate unsafe dynamics. They regulate emotions, hold each other accountable, and don’t wait for a leader to make corrections. 

That shared ownership takes team leadership and masterful team coaching. 

We help teams get to this level of relational health from any starting point and in real time. 

And then we teach them to do it for themselves. 

We know deeply that an employee’s experience in teams is their experience at work. 

We can help you elevate both. 

A range of our recent work: 

  • A two-day tune-up for a new CEO’s leadership team that was factionalized and working at cross-purposes
  • A five-part team development series moving a diverse and geographically-dispersed team from good to great.
  • A year-long coaching program for a leadership team composed of many first-time executives who needed to move from individual excellence to executing together on a shared vision.
  • A four-day deep-dive offsite for engineers transitioning  from superstar individual contributors to energizing cross-functional team collaborators
  • A week-long strategy retreat for a growing executive team that needed to scale prior to raising Series C funding, and coalesce around an aligned vision for the future.

Anyone can look under the hood of a team. 

But it takes an expert eye to see what works – and what doesn’t – in your unique context. 

Observation is our favorite tool. 

We are looking for: 

  • How high-functioning are the team dynamics?
  • Do members amplify each other’s creativity and emotional intelligence?
  • Is there flow, humor, resilience?
  • What communication patterns prevail?
  • What’s implicitly rewarded?
  • What’s actively ignored?
  • How aware is the team of its own dynamic?
  • What’s the best place to begin? 

From there, our process structures and paces the coaching so that the group can build psychological safety, trust, energizing conversational habits, clear decision making, shared accountability, and positive power dynamics. 

We can apply our methodologies across the organization as well. 

Always a game changer

Creating a new operating pattern in any team is an iterative, intentional process that requires consistent reinforcement. We often hear, “Wow, that felt so different. How do we keep this going?” We’ll help you with that and never create facilitator dependencies. The goal is to transfer ownership of the new healthy dynamic to the team members themselves. We understand that teams regularly shift as members join or depart, objectives are reassessed and companies pivot. We can always introduce positive change, even it’s just a tune up.

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