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Team Development Services

Supercharging teams to play big.

Team Development programs help key teams establish the working rhythms, processes and agreements needed to propel them to their full potential. Good teams are masters of the content of their work—the “what” of their business. Great teams also master the “how”—the clear understandings about processes, core values, relationships and trust that determine what they are able to achieve.

Programs tailored to your specific challenges.

Our Team Development programs are custom-created for your team—its challenges, objectives, structure, processes and specific achievement gaps. We help teams understand the relationship between what it wants to accomplish and how it works together. Together, we find ways to increase its effectiveness and elevate what it can achieve.

How we work.

Our first order of business is to help teams define and align on their vision, strategy and goals—the “what” of their work. The next step is to gain a clear understanding of what drives your team’s success (or prevents it) especially during critical times. Our assessment process gets us under the hood so that we can see what’s working and what needs tuning.

We then coach the team on the “how” that’s required to achieve your goals—mechanical elements such as processes and structures as well as critical human factors such as values, culture and desirable behaviors.

As part of our Team Development programs, we offer Executive retreats and off-sites which provide an immersive and interactive experience designed to help a team achieve specific breakthroughs.
Our Team Development programs are ideal for teams that need to:
  • Assemble new players and gel quickly
  • Answer important but difficult strategy or execution questions
  • Create a better experience of working together, characterized by greater trust
  • Step back to become more strategic in their approach

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