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People | Wendy Palmer

Wendy Palmer is a pioneer in the practices of somatic coaching, integrating the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of communication and growth.

She's an expert in becoming aware of, and tapping into, the nonverbal and unconscious levels of communication that either support or inhibit our ability to make progress.

As the founder of Leadership Embodiment, a coaching program that uses principles from the non-violent Japanese martial art of Aikido and mindfulness, Wendy offers simple tools and practices to increase leadership presence and respond to stress and pressure with greater confidence and integrity.

Wendy is also a long time friend and supporter of Next Step Partners. To learn more about her books, thinking and courses, just visit her website.

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Rebecca Zucker
Rebecca Zucker | Next Step Partners

As a founding partner of Next Step Partners, Rebecca is a seasoned Executive Coach that helps leaders understand their strengths and the barriers that hold them back from achieving their goals. Learn more about Rebecca, connect with her on LinkedIn, send her an Email, or just call 415-518-1297.