Career Development


The pursuit of meaningful futures for departing employees.

Whether a layoff is a result of economic circumstances, an organizational restructuring or a performance issue, we partner with HR teams to provide a turnkey solution to match your budget. We allow you to stay focused on your business’s health and reduce risk, while knowing your employees are in caring and capable hands. 

Building goodwill creates advocates who propel your organization’s reputation. 

Every former employee is a potential future customer, client, partner, reference or even colleague in a new capacity. We help your employees know that you mean it when you say you value them enough to invest in their future. Instead of sending your former valued employees to a formulaic group program or a one-size-fits-all service that just checks the box, this is an opportunity to make the employee experience meaningful and positive from beginning to end. 

Our transition programs give your professionals the individual coaching to move on successfully and generate goodwill for your organization. They are high-touch, customized engagements. Each employee has a true partner in his or her search. We have an extensive client network to facilitate introductions and a 100% track record for negotiating better compensation and benefits, and have a 97 Net Promoter Score (anything over 70 is considered world-class).  

We wrote the book (literally) on career development and published the third edition of The Career Handbook for Working Professionals. This comprehensive, self-directed guide assists job seekers at all levels and from all sectors. It has been adopted as a key resource by Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, Wharton, MIT and the Haas School of Business, among others, for their alumni and executive programs.

Career Management Tools

We have authored some of the most acclaimed Career Management Tools available for professionals who want to chart a better path for themselves and take a proactive approach in managing their careers.

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