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Career Transition Services

This is not our first rodeo.

We developed our Career Transition Services in the wake of the dot-com bust in 2002, when we helped thousands of laid off MBAs and other professionals move on to new opportunities. Then, in 2009, we provided essential support to several organizations in assisting their departing employees to find new roles — and for some — new careers.

Whether the layoff is a result of economic circumstances, an organizational restructuring or a performance issue, we are here to partner with your HR team to provide a turn-key solution to match your budget.

One less thing for you to worry about.

We make the process easy for you – you decide the level of support you want to provide, and we give you the relevant information for your departing employees. It’s that easy, and it’s one less thing on your plate.

Most important, you can focus on moving forward and running the business, knowing your departing employees are in good hands – reducing your organization’s risk and giving you peace of mind.

Building goodwill among departing professionals.

Our Career Transition programs give your departing professionals individually tailored coaching to help them move successfully to their next opportunity and generate goodwill for your organization.

The way people depart an organization can become a driver of its future success. Every former employee is a potential future customer, client or partner. By offering meaningful help to employees as they transition to their next professional roles, an organization can provide not only much needed support at an emotional time, but also deepen its relationships with former employees in ways that will help build a strong alumni network and benefit the organization in the future.

A step above traditional outplacement.

Unlike traditional outplacement that focuses on group and web-based programs with limited coaching hours and coach availability, our Career Transition programs focus on high-touch, individual coaching that is customized to each person’s needs. Our expert coaches offer structure, skills, and support to help departing employees define, pursue, and secure their next job. Each client has a true partner in his or her search.

Our programs have no hour cap and unlimited coach access in between scheduled appointments to address pressing issues that arise. We have an extensive client network from which to facilitate introductions and a 100% track record in helping our clients negotiate better compensation and benefits.

Next Step Partners Career Transition Services

We wrote the book on Career Transition, literally.

After years of working with professionals in career transition, we published the Career Handbook for Working Professionals, which is standard issue at leading business schools, including Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, MIT, The Haas School of Business and Wharton to help their alumni and executive/part-time MBA students navigate the career transition process.

The Career Handbook is a comprehensive, self-directed guide that will assist any job seeker through the career transition process. It applies to professionals at all levels and from all sectors and includes useful tools for every step of the job search. It’s an essential resource in helping your departing employees achieve the next step in their careers.

Our process.

Each program is customized to meet the client where she or he is, based on the degree of clarity that the individual has about next steps and what efforts have been made so far in their search.

Our programs are comprehensive and cover all of the requisite job search tactics — from networking to negotiation and more. We’re also there to help with big-picture questions, guiding clients through the introspection and exploration process to determine the most fulfilling path forward.  No matter the focus, we’ve got it covered.

View Career Transition Coaching Model

CT | 4 Phases of Career Transition

NSP Career Transitions Process

1 | Assessment
• Transition Process
• Clarifying Core Values
• Identifying Current + Required Competencies
• Integrating Past Feedback
• Assessment Tools

2 | Exploration
• Articulating Hypotheses
• Creating Long-Term Vision
• Initial Networking + Communications
• Informational Interviewing
• Parallel-Track Exploration
• Understanding Market Conditions

3 | Focus
• Clarifying Focus
• Identifying Targets
• Positioning Statements
• Articulating Competencies
• Resumes, LinkedIn + Cover Letters

4 | Execution
• Networking Strategy + Communications
• Interview Preparation + Practice
• Due Diligence
• Evaluating Opportunities
• Negotiating
• Planning for Success

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“My Next Step Partners’ coach gave me the structure, tools and support I needed to conduct an executive-level job search—from clarifying my objectives, to preparing for key meetings and interviews, to evaluating opportunities.
I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Former CEO | Global Healthcare Company