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Career Transition Services

Building goodwill among departing MVPs.

Our Career Transition programs give your most important departing professionals individually tailored coaching to help them move successfully to their next opportunity and generate goodwill for your organization.

The way people depart an organization can become a driver of its future success. Every former employee is a potential future customer, client or partner. By offering meaningful help to employees as they transition to their next professional roles, an organization can provide much needed support at an emotional time and deepen its relationships with former employees in ways that will help build a strong alumni network and benefit the organization in the future.

A step above traditional outplacement.

Unlike traditional outplacement that focuses on group and web-based programs, our Career Transition programs focus on individual coaching that is customized to each person’s needs. Our expert coaches offer structure, skills, and support to help departing employees define, pursue, and secure their next job.

We developed our Career Transition program in the wake of the Dot-com bust in 2002, when we helped thousands of laid off MBAs and other professionals move on to new opportunities. Once in new roles, these clients have been eager to refer our services to other professionals as well as their new employers. In fact, the growth of our firm to include Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Team Development programs is a testament to the success of Career Transition.

We wrote the book on Career Transition, literally.

After years of working with professionals in career transition, we published the Career Handbook for Working Professionals, which is standard issue at leading business schools, including Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, The Haas School of Business and the Wharton. These schools rely on our handbook to help their alumni and executive/part-time MBA students manage their careers.

Our process.

Career Transition involves four stages spanning from assessing core values and competencies to exploring opportunities and executing a job search. During each engagement, the coach and client together decide which topics are most relevant. We provide each client with his or her own copy of our Career Handbook for Working Professionals which details all aspects of career development.

View Career Transition Coaching Process

CT | 4 Phase Process

NSP Career Transitions Process
1 | Assessment
• Transition Process
• Clarifying Core Values
• Identifying Current + Required Competencies
• Integrating Past Feedback
• Assessment Tools

2 | Exploration
• Articulating Exploration Hypotheses
• Creating Long-Term Vision
• Informational Interviewing
• Parallel-Track Exploration
• Gaining Market Conditions Clarity

3 | Focus
• Clarifying Focus
• Identifying Targets
• Positioning Statements
• Articulating Competencies
• Resumes + Cover Letters

4 | Execution
• Networking Strategy + Communications
• Interview Preparation + Practice
• Due Diligence
• Negotiating
• Planning for Success

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