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Executive Coaching Services

Accelerating the impact of leaders.

Executive Coaching helps leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to the organization.

All leaders face moments when the talents and capacities that made them successful in the past are no longer adequate. Taking on a new or more senior role, managing a new initiative and leading change in the organization all require growth in new directions. Often this calls for both new skills and new ways of thinking.

Our coaching process is tailored to individual needs, challenges and objectives. At the start of each engagement, we get the lay of the land via 360° assessments. We work together with the leader to set goals, identify measures of success and build a customized development plan for getting there. Our objective is to zero in on the issue that will generate the biggest win and rapidly dive into it.

Through a one-on-one, confidential relationship with a supportive leadership expert, executives build awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and develop new strategies, outlooks and skills so they can tackle challenges that they have not faced before. Coaching provides a rare and valuable opportunity for leaders to gain fresh insights and experiment with new ways of thinking and acting that will take them to the next level of performance.

Creating sustained value to the organization.

Every coaching engagement is uniquely designed for a leader and his or her unique context. The focus is always on achieving business results and addressing the most pressing needs.

If you’re facing one of the challenges below, click to see what capacities we can help develop.

“We’re under the gun and everyone is marching to their own beat.”

Team leadership
Fostering team development
Leading from behind
Running meetings
Setting agendas

“I’m honored to have been chosen to head up this new initiative, but now what?”

Develop teams and deploy talent effectively
Communicate in high stakes situations
Deal with conflict
Give effective feedback

“How do I get those guys to stop bickering, so that we can succeed?”

Conflict management
Difficult conversations
Rebuilding relationships

“What we’re doing is so much more than prospects, product and profits. But nobody here knows or feels it.”

Setting or changing an organizational culture
Vision creation and alignment
Influencing and enrolling stakeholders
Presentation and communication

“I’ve got to get out of the weeds so I can focus on the big, important stuff.”

Achieving Greater Impact
Clarifying highest and best use of self
Time management
Prioritizing and delegating
Goal setting

“I want to step into a bigger role. How do I start making a difference now?”

Relationship building
Enrolling stakeholders

“What am I doing here? I’m not sure it matters … to me or the organization.”

Engagement & Retention
Clarifying values
Competency growth
Career stewardship
Role definition
Managing burn-out
Building resilience

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“I was recently promoted to a larger institutional role as deputy director of programs for the whole organization; I would not ever have gotten here without the coaching.”

Natural Resources Defense Council

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