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A compilation of tools, tips + techniques to keep you informed and inspired.

Books, articles, people, films and even apps that we think you'll find interesting and useful in the pursuit of becoming a better leader.
NSP Featured eBook

How Executive Coaching Helps Leaders + Organizations

Learn how Executive Coaching can help you become a more effective leader with skills that go beyond your profession or position.

VALUES chapter of our acclaimed Career Handbook

Informative exercises designed to help you incorporate your core values into your life for a more fulfilling career.

The Creative Lawyer: How Relationships Matter

This free chapter from Michael Melcher’s bestselling book, The Creative Lawyer, help leaders understand how relationships matter more than ever at work.

10 Tips on How to Get the Most out of Coaching

Increase your impact and value with new strategies and skills by downloading this insightful Executive Coaching eBook.
NSP Featured Tool

A 360° approach to measure a leader’s gaps

A comprehensive 360° approach to gathering, assessing, and delivering feedback for those committed to growth.

Get answers to questions about your organization’s state of leadership

A qualitative approach to assessing the leadership competencies in your organization and rating your team’s ability to perform on these competencies.

Speed reading people types

How a new system for communicating helps you instantly grasp what drives another person.
NSP Featured Infographic

20 Minutes a Day to Career Fulfillment

This infographics provides guidance for daily career action by devoting just 20-minutes a day.

What’s Emotional Intelligence?

Download this helpful Infographic and learn what Emotional Intelligence is and why employers value it over IQ.
White Papers
NSP White Papers

The Surprising Truth about What Drives Stress and How Leaders Build Resilience

Today, people in workplaces are experiencing levels of stress like never before. Research from a leading author on stress outlines an effective new approach to build your personal resilience.

The Leadership Gap

This informative White Paper shares findings from two research studies documenting the growing leadership gap in organizations around the world.

How Relationships Shape Managerial Careers

Based on a five-country study by the CCL of men and women managers, this White Paper explores the many ways that relationships shape our careers.

Putting Experience at the Center of Talent Management

How putting experience-driven development at the center of talent management will boost an organization’s efforts to attract and retain talent while accelerating the development of leaders at every level.
NSP Featured Book

Immunity to Change

How to overcome change and unlock the potential in yourself and your organization.

Don’t forget the present moment

Jonathan Kaplan offers thoughtful examples of how you can find opportunities for stress relief.

Privacy, democracy, and the limits of human knowledge

A heart-racing novel of suspense, raising questions about memory, history, privacy, democracy, and the limits of human knowledge.

Your mindset: Fixed? Or Growth?

Time to consider if you have a “fixed” or a “growth mindset for personal growth?

How companies can avoid fatal pitfalls

Jim Collins examines how hubris, greed, and denial can lead to the death of a company.

What got you here won’t get you there

Have the habits that brought you earlier success become barriers to your growth?

What’s your tribe?

How group of people both large and small are connected by leaders and an idea.

How positive psychology makes people happier

Scientific evidence that positive psychology actually makes people happier.
NSP Featured People

Practices of happiness

Gretchen Rubin shares the many lessons everyone can learn about happiness.

The embodiment of communication

How Wendy Palmer integrates physical, emotional, and intellectual communication for growth.
NSP Articles

How everyone can be enriched by a coach

When you make yourself vulnerable to the coaching process, success follows.

Take growth personally

How the bottom line and personal growth of all employees is not only desirable but interdependent.
Worksheets & Workbooks
Worksheets | Next Step Partners

Leadership Lessons Learned Resource List

Reflections from our team on the big lessons we’ve learned from work with leaders over the past 15 years including our favorite leadership resources.

Building Resilience Worksheet

This easy-to-use self assessment worksheet will help you and your qualified coach rate and rank your current personal resilience strengths and weaknesses

Strategic Questions Reference Guide

This informative Reference Guide reveals great strategic questions to improve your thought process behind the business decisions you make.

Improved Leadership through Listening and Inquiry Workbook

This workbook outlines an approach to enhance your listening skills and gain valuable insights through powerful questions designed to improve leadership effectiveness and performance.
NSP Featured Podcasts

Workaholic posers exposed

This Michael Melcher NPR interview uncovers how it’s not uncommon for workaholics to exaggerate the amount of work that they’re actually doing.

Effective Listening for Leaders

Take a deep and entertaining dive into effective listening in this episode of the podcast MEANWHILE with experts Michael Melcher and Michael Terrell.

Powerful Questions for Listening

In this episode of the podcast MEANWHILE, Michael Melcher and Michael Terrell provide helpful examples of powerful listening questions in action. They also share tips on mastering the underlying psychology of acting like a coach.
NSP Featured Apps

Do you know your type?

Enneagram: a fun personality model app based on nine personality types.
Film | Videos
Film | Videos

The Lives of Others

An expose on the struggle between those who care about a real cause and those who play politics.

Acknowledge the strength of your soul

How Invictus urges us to acknowledge the strength of our souls and our ability to be unbowed.