Roth Herrlinger


Roth supports clients to discover and advance their key leadership competencies and to explore the self-protective shadow behaviors that lurk in their blind spots; mastery of both provides the greatest levers to decision optimization, interpersonal relationships and, ultimately, leadership effectiveness.

His clients learn to draw equally upon strength, curiosity, creativity, intuition, humility, and empathy in any situation, so that their work consistently reflects the best of who they are.

Roth has a two-decade track record of developing programs, enhancing operations, building revenues, driving efficiencies, and supporting management teams to create stable, sustainable growth that generates profound impact and establish enduring value.

He is also an avid pianist and composer, and a former Oakley-sponsored triathlete.

AB | Dartmouth College
MBA | Stanford Graduate School of Business

Certifications and Training
Hudson Institute
New Ventures West
Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute

Selected Clients
Nuro, Matternet, Swift Medical, Ceribell, Iterable, Slack, Participant Media, Castlight Health, Radiology Partners, National Veterinary Associates, Imagination.org, Heal the Bay, Foster Youth in Action and STEM Prep Schools


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