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Agnès Le

Agnès Le

Agnès Le  | Next Step Partners

San Francisco | CA

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BA | Rice University
MBA | Stanford Graduate School of Business
MSc in Career Management & Counseling |
  University of London

NLP Practitioner + Master Practitioner
Stanford Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitators
  Training Program (IDFTP)
Coaching Training Institute
Career Counseling Services

Recent Clients
Stanford Graduate School of Business, The Hewlett Foundation, IESE Business School, Telefonica, CEMEX

Her son Alex, people who overcome the odds to succeed, marathon runners
Agnès coaches executives and emerging leaders whose vision is to have positive impact on individuals, organizations or the world. She works with them to develop more meaning and impact and to achieve dramatic growth with courage and confidence.

In addition to her corporate and organizational clients, Agnès coaches global leaders for the Executive Education and MSx programs and is a group facilitator in the Interpersonal Dynamics course at Stanford. Agnès focuses on making breakthrough possible, by making it safe to try the bold and new, while simultaneously ensuring that meaningful connections happen. 

Agnès leverages 15 years of international experience in talent management in the US and Europe. She previously headed the talent management functions at various European companies and worked in Career Management for the business schools at Stanford, Cambridge, and IESE.

Agnès was born in Vietnam, grew up in France and the US, and is married to a Spaniard. She speaks Spanish and French fluently. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and her son Alex, who inspires her to be present and enjoy life. When she is not running after her young son, she enjoys running marathons.

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