Anjali Apte

Sr. Director Operations



Anjali manages the operations of the Next Step Partners Team, serving as thought partner to the managing partners, contributing to strategic planning, overseeing the budget and in general attending to the work of keeping the engine moving.  She manages leadership-development engagements for the firm and manages client feedback through interviews and surveys.  She continuously seeks out new ways to address and improve operational issues, a mission that she finds both interesting and challenging.

She has industry experience in financial services, health care, technology and training and development and she enjoys working with cross-functional teams at all levels of an organization, anticipating needs and managing complexities. She has facilitated leadership development programs in India, writing some of the content and adapting case studies to be more culturally relevant.

Anjali graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and earned her MBA from the Yale School of Management.  She served as a management consultant at Computer Sciences Corporation (APM) and has held positions at Charles Schwab & Co. and Blue Shield of California.  She has experienced everything from the road-warrior consulting to the virtual home office, but usually prefers something in between.

A Bay Area native, Anjali has lived all over but is happiest in sunny Northern California.

U.C. Berkeley | Engineering & Operations Research
Yale University | School of Management

The gravity-defying stunts of her 2 boys, the possibilities presented as she makes the first cut into a sheet of glass for an art installation, and the colors of India.


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