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Shari Cohen

Cornell University
University of California | Berkeley

NYU Organizational and Executive Coaching
Hay Group
  Emotional Intelligence
  Leadership Style Inventory
  Organizational Climate Survey
Scenario Planning
Immunity To Change Coaching

Recent Clients
Natural Resources Defense Council, AOL, The Brookings Institution, Nielsen, Telx, Population Services International, Rockefeller Foundation, Doctors without Borders, Hewlett Foundation

Game-changing social innovations, riding the subway in New York
For more than ten years Shari Cohen has collaborated with senior leaders and teams at major global companies and organizations to break through to their full potential. Examples include: coaching senior leaders and teams at AOL, Nielsen, Telx, and the Brookings Institution to improve communication, leadership presence, influence and strategic thinking; developing and delivering leadership programs for the Rockefeller Foundation, NRDC and Doctors Without Borders, and serving on the design team for an Aspen Institute Innovation Lab used by Fortune 500 companies.

Central to her approach is the belief that achieving ever greater business results amidst uncertainty and turbulence requires challenging preconceptions, cutting through convention, and maximizing individual and team creativity. Experienced with both U.S.-based and international organizations, Shari has lived and worked in Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan.

She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley and a BA from Cornell University. She is the author of a book on leadership and change published by Duke University Press, was a professor of International Relations at Wellesley College, and has held leadership roles in several mission-driven organizations. Shari lives with her son in New York City.

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